To investigate soulibility

Equipment: What did you use?
Plastic spoon, plastic cup, pipette, hot water, custard powder, coffee granuales, instant coffee, gravy granules, flour

Method: Explain what you did.
1)Firstly,carefully siringe 1 pipette of hot water into the cup to mix it with the solid.
2)Secondly, stir the mixture ten times with the plastic spoon .
3)Next, wait 5 minutes to let the fluid soak.
4)Then, carefully observe the liquid to see wether it is a solution (where it dissolves) or a suspension (where the solid floats in the liquid).
5)Lastly record the results into your book clearly.

Variables: What did you change? What did you keep the same? What are you measuring?
I am measuring the solubility of each mixture.
I will change the solid every time.
I will keep the same the amount of hot water,leave the mixture for the same amount of minutes.
I will also keep the same the amount of stirring so it is a fair test.

Prediction: What do you think will happen? Explain why!
I think the custard powder will turn into a solution because the powder is thin not think and heavy.

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