18 thoughts on “You’ve won a prize!

  1. I would advise Charlie not to do it because its quite obvious that its a scam. I know this because I have seen stories like this on the internet myself. If Charlie does click on it then he could get hacked very badly.

  2. I do not think that charlie should open the email because it could be somebody faking and you could be chatting to a person and then they they might ask you to meet up with them. It could be somebody older and you would be putting yourself in danger.The person could do something bad to you.

  3. I would advise Charlie not to open the spam email because it could hack him and take all his details. It could also show the advertiser where the recipient lives I know this because I have heard stories like this myself.

  4. No he shouldn’t because it might be a spam so he should check for any sign of a spam and if he doesn’t know how he had won something and he didn’t recognise who it was from he should leave it and not reply.

  5. I think that Charlie shouldn’t press the button because the person might be tricking him so that he can access Charlie’s personal information.

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