More religious learning

Kash explained the faith of Sikhism in greater depth to our class in our own session this morning. What did you learn?

Learning about a new religion

Today we had a special visitor. A visitor from the Sikh faith.
She spoke to us about what it means to understanding and follow Sikhism.
She shared some artefacts with us during our values assembly.

Kash spoke to us about the 10 gurus, the one God, the values they follow in daily life and the principals they believe. She showed us the special book used in the Sikh temple and an image of a shine explaining how they pray.

Untitled from Hall Park on Vimeo.

Untitled from Hall Park on Vimeo.

Sketching Victorian trains

Today we needed to make use of our growth mindset and resilience in order to improve our sketching skills. It wasn’t easy but with lots of encouragement, peer and self reflection we were able to produce some accurate and detailed art work.

Mad science

Today Atomic Alana came into school and lead a wonderful assembly all about inventions and discoveries of the past through scientific experimentation.

We learned about acids and alcalines in Ancient Egypt.

We learned about the Ancient Greek invention that helped collect and transport water through the movement of air.

We then travelled to France when a scientist discovered how heating air causing expansion.

Finally we visited America during the industrial revolution and looked at the invention of the plasma ball.

Healthy heads

Today Mr Larcombe visited us from Fleetwood Town Football club

He was talking to us about what makes a good character. We completed some theory work in class discussing the characteristics of a good character. We then went into the hall to play some practical games. We were reflecting on how to be a good character whilst playing these games. We showed lots of positive characteristics during these games.