Sketching Victorian trains

Today we needed to make use of our growth mindset and resilience in order to improve our sketching skills. It wasn’t easy but with lots of encouragement, peer and self reflection we were able to produce some accurate and detailed art work.

10 thoughts on “Sketching Victorian trains

  1. This lesson was very fun! Although, at some parts to it got tricky because I found it hard to keep the accuracy of my wheels consistent.

  2. I am very impressed by my work I completed today. I think that my shading makes the drawings look more realistic and I also think that my lines and wheels could’ve been more accurate and neat. I love learning about steam trains.

  3. I think my train was lovely. All the trains were so cool. I learnt that your train doesn’t have to be a complete copy because it is mine and it is different. I would improve the middle wheel next time.

  4. This lesson was very fun but there was a bit that go a bit tricky which was being more accurate. The thing I thought was good is my shading.

  5. I think I did a good job on sketching the puffing billy because it was similar to the real thing. I could’ve drawn the lines thicker and thinner to make it look more realistic.

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