To investigate if solids are soluble.

Equipment: What did you use?
Plastic spoon,
Plastic cup,
Coffee granules,
Instant coffee,
Custard powder,
Gravy powder,
Hot water.

Method: Explain what you did.
1) First, I got a solid and added 50ml of hot water using a pipette.
2) Then I mixed the mixture gently with a plastic spoon.
3) After that I observed the mixture.
4) Next I wrote up my results in a chart.
5) I will repeat the steps 1-4 for each solid or mixture.

Variables: What did you change? What did you keep the same? What are you measuring?
I changed the solid and the spoon, I will not change the amount of stirs and volume of water. I am measuring the amount of solubility that different solids have.

Prediction: What do you think will happen? Explain why!
The solids will all be soluble because my family has all these solids at their home and we mix them with hot water but not flour, so, I am not sure if the flour will be soluble.