To investigate which materials are soluble

Equipment: What did you use?
Coffee Granules,
Instant Coffee,
Custard Powder,
Gravy Granules,
Water (6ml at a time),
a plastic spoon,
a Pipette and
a Plastic cup

Method: Explain what you did.
1. Firstly, I will add 6ml of water to the solid.
2. Next, I will stir the mixture 10 times.
3. Then, I will observe the mixture to see if dissolves.
4. I will record my results in a chart.
5. I will repeat the steps to the other solids.

Variables: What did you change? What did you keep the same? What are you measuring?
I will change the solids and the cup each time.
I will keep the same the spoon, the amount of water and the same amount of stirs.
I will be measuring the water.

Prediction: What do you think will happen? Explain why!
I think the coffee will dissolve because at home, when you drink coffee it has dissolved into the drink.