To investigate soluble materials

Equipment: What did you use?
Pipette, water, custard powder, coffee granules, instant coffee, flour, gravy granules, plastic spoon.

Method: Explain what you did.
1. First I got 30 ml of water.
2. I then squeezed 30 ml of water into each cup.
3. Then I left each cup for five minutes.
4. Then I looked in each cup to see the differences.

Variables: What did you change? What did you keep the same? What are you measuring?
I kept the same the amount of water otherwise it would be an unfair test. I would change the amount of times we spun the liquids because I think that it would change the way it ends.

Prediction: What do you think will happen? Explain why!
I think that the flour will not dissolve because even if you cover it in water, it is not able to dissolve because of the size of the particles.